Benue Massacre (Nigeria)

The food basket of our nation,
We stand with you
As you are being ripped apart
By Horse-climbing-blood-sucking-demons;
The turbaned ones.


Comrade Napoleon’s hearing is now dysfunctional.
His sojourn to the land of men who talk through their noses
Hasn’t helped his cause,
He still cannot hear your cry for help.


Today, we wax lyrical about your braveness.
We rave about your doggedness,
As you wade through the flames of this consuming inferno
Lighted by blood-sucking-demons
Scribbling epitaphs of fear on your streets.


Today we chant dirges
For all those
Whose dreams have been aborted by
Demons wielding AK-47s


Shame on those
who keep mum 
As your ranks are being diminished


Your heroes have traded decorum
For Pieces of silver.
They now reek of foreign currency.


Shame on those who promised
To speak for you.
Those who now have lost their voices
To cynicism.


Those who promised to Protect you
Now ply the enticing corridors of power;
Completely disconnected from all their pledges.


Those who promised to listen to you
now wine and dine on the altar of politics
Where your dreams and future are being ravenously ravished
By feckless mortals
insensitive to your tears.


Stay strong our brothers and sisters,
Hold the fort while yet you may.
One day,
These demons.These fake heroes.These frauds
Shall be exposed
And justice shall be served



Unrequited Love

I showed you what love looks like,

But you took advantage of my crystalline form;

I became helpless as it briskly morphed into something amorphous.

You made me feel good, and then bad;

Sometimes lucid, clear in attitude as fine crystal,

Other times you seemed possessed by impalpability.

How wrong I was in thinking you understood me;

You welcomed me into your arms,

And then pushed me away just as fast.

Tasting sweet and sour,

Blowing hot and cold,

I was lost in the morass of your nebulousness.

Pain mixed with bliss,

A familiar type of feeling,

The beginning of a storm.

Even amidst the tempest,

I clung on to the lifeboat of hope, without a compass,

Hoping to find your welcoming harbor.

It felt like a wilderness,

But my belief held strong,

That I’d find my way to your Canaan.

To you, I was a nuisance

To me, you were a prison I could not escape from

I wanted to walk away, but it wasn’t that simple

I desperately wanted out of this prison,

Only if you released me.

And then it happened;

Reality dawned,

I woke up from these dreams.

I realized they had been hijacked by reality.

The gates only existed in my emotions.

The gates were open all along.

You’ve always been an effigy.

After eulogizing your absence at the funeral of love,

Singing epicedium,

Chanting dirges at her burial,

And etching an epitaph on her grave,

I have decided to walk away;………in peace!!!!!

Oliver Twist

After exploring your subconscious,
I found your struggles, grandeur,
Candor, pain, adversity,
All staring at me with audacity.

The acridity of your anguish,
Filled my anatomy lusciously.
And I wondered and fluttered at the same time,
How can pain be so sweet?

I enjoyed you…..vicariously;
I had questions but you weren’t there to answer,
I guess you were busy;
Dishing out another patch,
Or fragment of your emotions.
Or were you remodeling yourself?

Don’t worry,
When you are done,
I will be back;
For more doses of your paradoxical drugs

I will keep coming back,
Until yesterday becomes today.
You can’t blame me,
I’m a vulture;
Who is always looking for a Carcass.

What are you doing with Pain? By Olusegun Tinubu

I know someone who goes around beating her chest about the magnitude of pain she’s carrying, basking in her pain and accepting the pain to be a part of her. Recently, I had to ask her what she’s doing with the pain, hence this article. I understand that there are different things that brings pain and some pains outweigh the other so I am not going to pretend I know what your pain is neither am I going to reduce it to mere words.

However, whatever it is that caused us pain or brought us pain, regardless of its weight or the magnitude of the pain, we have a choice to annihilate it or linger in it. Pain demands to be felt, but do not give it the chance to overwhelm you. Life dishes out everything; ranging from pain to happiness to joy to tears to heartbreak, perhaps life may even break us into pieces but we have a choice, we have an option to will ourselves, stand up, rise up, pick up the broken pieces, look at life face to face and march on with audacity. Some throw away their orange peels, others make mosquito repellants out of the same peels, so it’s a matter of choice. You can make an art out of your broken pieces.

Pain is like a cancer, if we dally in it, it starts to dominate our mind. Pain is a seed which morphs into sadness, unforgiveness, anger, and hatred. I don’t need to stress the effects of the aforementioned on our day to day lives.

We dwell so much in pain that when we finally find happiness, we literally talk ourselves out of it and that’s because happiness and pain cannot dwell in the same abode, one has to give way for the other. We must train our mind to rise above petty things like unforgiveness, hate, and anger, for above these things, pain has no space.

I challenge you to put an end to that cancer of pain dominating your mind, focus on forgiveness and happiness, rid yourself of that pride playing tricks on your mind, don’t get used to that pain, believe that you have a choice, choose forgiveness over revenge, choose happiness over sadness, choose humility over pride and pain would have no power over you.